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Wireless Alarm Systems have developed considerably over the last few years and continue to do so. The systems that we regularly install throughout Shropshire and Mid-Wales  are cost effective, cheaper to install than wired systems totally reliable.

They are suitable for all premises from small flats through to very large detached premises including outbuildings and outdoor areas. 

We have systems installed in many in residential homes throughout Shropsire and Mid-Wales

Each of our systems are designed with your specific security and building user requirements in mind, they are extremely adaptable so as to provide excellent security and reassurance whilst being simple to operate but not at all intrusive.

As an example one of our customers is an insomniac that wanted to be able to freely move throughout the house at night whilst it remains fully alarmed, we were easily able to achieve this.

All of our recommended systems have the option to call up to 4 phones (landline or mobile) when the alarm is activated.  We are also pleased to be able to offer 24/7 professional alarm monitoring services at a small monthly cost where this is a more suitable option.

There are various options on how you can set or unset the system ranging from keypads at each entrance, through to keyfobs that operate the entire system with just a couple of buttons.  We rather like the option of an LCD screen and nice neat prox tags that simply swipe to set and unset the system.




Visonic Prox Tag                       LCD Keypad


There is an option to connect a number of our alarm systems to the internet which gives a number of advantages; It enables you via an app, from anywhere in the world to be able to view monitor your system and each detector and to reassure yourself that it is set, if necessary you can set and unset the alarm system via the app too.

Alarm App 

Also it enables us to undertake a number of maintenance functions and make changes to the 

system as necessary without having to attend your premises.



Camera PIR

When designing a system for you we have a wide range of types of intruder detector we can recommend to make the system fit your needs, one of the newer ones is the camera PIR (Passive Infra Red Detector – detects combination of body heat and movement). 

This acts exactly the same as a standard PIR but if activated it takes a video burst of what set it off which can be emailed to you if the system is connected to the internet. 

You can also go into the system via the app and obtain up to date video burst from each and any of these detectors you have in place.

 If you have professional monitoring services they are able to look at these video bursts upon activation to help determine whether or not to immediately call emergency services.




Most people have in place smoke detectors but what happens in the event of a fire when you are not on the premises if you don’t have a separate fire alarm system?  You are probably reliant upon neighbours being around and doing the right thing for you.

Our systems have an option to connect smoke detectors which means as soon as they activate, the system notifies either you via telephone or your professional monitoring services enabling immediate appropriate action to be taken.

Smoke and Heat Detector

There are other detectors that can monitor and notify you of the following:

  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Natural Gas
  • Temperature, High Or Low (Useful for commercial fridge monitoring or elderly relatives who may not put heating on in the winter)
  • Flood




  • We are a local family company who care passionately about providing an unrivalled level of service to our customers,
  • Darrell, the owner is a retired police officer, who has overseen thousands of burglariey investigations, when designing our  systems we are able to think like a burglar which not many securiy companies can,
  • Once installed you will own the system outright, there are no ongoing monthly fees,
  • You can easily expand or build upon the system and add detctors or accesories
  • The system is portable and can be taken with you when you move house;  
  • We do offer optional yearly maintenance services.
  • Systems can be monitored by 24/7 professional monitoring services (at additional cost) or will dial a number of telephones, some send text messages or even still picture of who or what activated the sensor.
  • There are no unsightly wires or major building works to install the system (Most installed within a day)
  • Different levels of system to suit budget and circumstances
  • Completely Tamper Proof
  • Can use standard telephone network or mobile network (additional costs) for added security
  • Garages and outbuildings can be incorporated within the system
  • Recommended systems are Grade 2 insurance approved


We install bespoke systems to suit you needs, these can include driveway alerts/alarms, perimeter beams, remote alarms.  If you feel vulnerable, we will have a cost effective security solution to reduce the risk and help you to feel safe.


Contact us today to discuss the options available.

We are based in between Welshpool and Newtown in Powys, an ideal base from which we cover Shrewsbury, Mid-Wales and Shropsire 



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