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Welcome to our website. We are always adding content and products. If you cant see what you are looking for in the meantime, please dont hesitate to call us.

NEW - External Detection We have been testing the new external PIR detectors for several months and we are very pleased to recommend them.  If you have anything in an outside location youd like to protect such as a van or number of vans, or any outside area where youd like to be nitified of someone'd presence or enable full alarm when presence detected, we now have the pefect solution, there is also an option to be sent a picture of what caused the detector to activate.

CURRENT OFFER!FREE PROFFESSIONAL MONITORING SERVICES FOR 12 MONTHS on our recommended systems supplied and installed by us.

We offer installation and consultancy services across the Mid Wales, North Powys and Shropshire regions which includes Newtown, Welshpool, Shrewsbury, Montgomery, Guilsfield, Llanfair Caereinion, Llanfyllyn, Ludlow, Minsterly, Craven Arms, Bishops Castle, Clun, Llanidloes, Caersws, Carno, Churchstoke.

Alarms, Safety Detectors, Emergency

Safe and Secure 24/7 was established in 2010.  We have been designing and installing alarm systems both domestic and commercial since then.  We have many systems installed throughout Mid-Wales and Shropshire in domestic and commercial settings including a jewelry manufacturer and shop in Shrewsbury and a computer shop in Newtown, Powys

Darrell, the owner, served 30 years as a police officer overseeing thousands of burglary investigations meaning that we design our intruder alarm systems based on many years of experience of how burglars operate.

Please call us on 01686 640 869 or use our contact form and we will work with you to design the most cost effective system that fully meets your user needs.

We have an active social media presence where you can also ask questions and get free advice. Please also see our testimonials page for examples of just a few of our satisfied customers. 

Alarms, Safety Detectors, Emergency

We firmly believe that everybody should feel safe and secure in the the comfort of their own premises be that domestic or commercial.

With one of our alarm systems installed, you can take comfort from the fact you are less likely to become the victim of a burglary than if you didn't have an alarm. Also you can rest assured that in the event of an incident at your building, (including gas, smoke, heat, carbon monoxide, flood, temperature change)* you will get the earliest notification enabling you to minimise the risk. If you choose 24/7 professional monitoring, they will take the necessary action on your behalf when you are not available.

Our alarms are extremely easy to use, we have a number of customers who "don't do technology" who find the systems incredibly easy to manage.

We are passionate about providing our customers a first rate product and service that we are confident you will be totally satisfied with.

Combining our significant experience of the potential security threats facing home and business owners, we can provide a comprehensive security review and affordable options to suit most budgets.  

All of our installations are designed so that the alarm system fits seamlessly into your lifestyle or business needs without compromising security. 

We offer 24/7 professional alarm monitoring services who respond to any alarms appropriately on your behalf, otherwise the alarm can directly call nominated numbers.

*subject to having appropriate detectors